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Supa Maxi™

AVK Supa Maxi™ tensile couplings

The new standard for universal tensile couplings

We are very proud to launch our brand new range of universal tensile couplings. The range comprises straight couplings, flange adaptors, step couplings, end caps and transition couplings in DN 50-300, suitable for PE, uPVC, cast iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, and AC pipes in water, sewage and gas applications. Supa Maxi™ is designed to solve the problems experienced with traditional couplings, and it completes AVK's range of couplings that also consists of non-tensile universal couplings as well as couplings dedicated for specific pipe types in tensile and non-tensile executions.

The unique patented SupaGrip™ sealing support system deals with well-known challenges. SupaGrip™ features a flexible bracket that:

- contracts and follows the external pipe diameter even on oval pipes and minimum pipe sizes

- enables full deflection of ±4° on each side at up to 1.5 x PN test pressure

- safeguards the sealing compression over time and eliminates the need for re-tightening bolts

All dimensions are in PN 16 for water and PN 10 for gas. Supa Maxi™ is designed to EN 14525, the new standard for universal tensile couplings. Tightness and tensile resistance are tested according to this norm with 1.5 x PN 16 + 5 bar = 29 bar, and the couplings have undergone a series of additional comprehensive tests to verify suitability in all foreseeable applications.

On top of this built-in safety, additional features such as permanent protection caps, lifting eyes, and optimized bolt design secure durability and easy installation. 

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AVK Supa Maxi™ - universal tensile couplings.