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Шаровые ПЭ 100 краны для газа

AVK Fire Protection

Proven design with integrated safety features

The range comprises 10 sizes from DN 25 / ø32 mm to DN 150 /ø180 mm, all for PN 10. The ball valves are according to EN 1555-4 and DVGW VP302, and are DVGW approved. The design is based on the proven ASV Stübbe ball valve design and the valves are manufactured by AVK.
PE 100 throughout all components
Any differences in medium and surrounding temperatures may influence the materials. Since PE 100 is used for the body, ball, seat retainer and support ring, the expansion or shrinkage is equal on these components, and their interfacing tolerances are therefore maintained. 
Safety connector prevents overtorque
If the valve is overtorqued during opening or closing, the connector is, as a safety feature, designed to break before the valve seals in order to prevent leakage.
Low operating torques
Grooves around the stem and in the body ensure low operating torques. The groove around the stem will adapt to any deformation as a result of upstream pressure on the ball when the valve is in closed position.
Telescopic extension spindles with indication plate 
The extension spindles are available in five length ranges within each of the three sizes covering the DN range of the ball valves.
The features are the same as for AVK's standard extension spindles except for the included indication plate to be mounted on top of the extension spindle.
This plate indicates that a 1/4 turn ball valve is installed below, and it enables the user to indicate the DN of the installed valve by snapping off the corresponding notch.


Valves and Accessories for Gas

AVK PE100 Ball Valves for Gas.