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36 серия задвижек AVK теперь выпускается с 355 и 400 ПЭ патрубками

In line with the market development moving towards larger pipelines, AVK is proud to announce that our two new large dimensions of the series 36 range are ready for ordering.

Using AVK gate valves, customers will experience ease of installation and build safety into their pipeline. They will find, that the risk of leaks and corrosion due to poorly tightened bolts and gaskets is eliminated and furthermore, that the weld between pipe and AVK valve is performed using identical welding parameters as for welding pipe to pipe, as AVK valves are designed with standard PE pipe ends holding all relevant approvals.

The DN 300/355 mm and DN 400/400 mm gate valves can be delivered in all variants for gas and water, and offer the same main features and benefits as the smaller ones:



Please see datasheets for more details:


- Datasheet for series 36/80-116 (water, SDR 11 / PN 16)             - Datasheet for series 36/80-126 (water, SDR 17 / PN 10)

- Datasheet for series 36/90-170 (gas, SDR 11 / PN 10)                - Datasheet for series 36/90-185 (gas, PUR, SDR 11 / PN 10)


ON-LINE LINK : Gate valve w/PE ends inst. video.