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Обновление конструкции поворотных затворов с двойным эксцентриком

AVK high tech production

Design upgrade of double eccentric butterfly valves

Our series 756 range of double eccentric butterfly valves have gone through a significant design upgrade, and as a result we are now able to offer valves of a unique quality. 

The corrosion resistance has been improved by protecting the threaded holes in the disc with O-rings. Furthermore, the shaft ends in the disc are protected with gaskets and stainless steel plates in the small dimensions up to DN 600. In the dimensions DN 700 – 2200 the shaft ends are fully encapsulated in the disc and fixed with dowels protected with O-rings and stainless steel plates.

The shaft/disc connection has been considerably rein-forced in DN 700-2200 by means of dowels and key/ keyway connection as extra safety. The new design eliminates the risk of fluttering of the disc and extends the life time of the products.
The sealing design has also been changed. By making full benefit of the outstanding rubber quality it has been possible to reduce the amount of rubber in the sealing area. As a consequence, the opening/closing torques are reduced.

Finally, the butterfly valves have been slimmed up from DN 500 to DN 2200 which means that PN 10 and PN 16 now have dedicated bodies. As an example the DN1200 PN16 is now nearly one ton lighter! The more slim valves are easier to handle and put less strain on the environment.



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AVK Butterfly Valves for water