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Новые фланцы COMBI для ВЧШГ труб диаметром 250 и 300

AVK Fire Protection

New tensile DN 250 & 300 combi-flanges for ductile iron pipes

The design of the tensile resistant combi-flange in DN 250 and 300 has been updated to match the rest of the range and to comply with EN 545.

The design has been changed a bit, as the flange has been reversed to achieve sufficient material strength in the area around the tensile ring. Consequently, we can secure tensile resistance at 16 bar working pressure, and we accept test pressure up to 24 bar according to EN 545. As with the smaller dimensions, the design pressure is 29 bar according to EN 545.

The new design requires use of longer bolts but AVK is the ONLY supplier of a tensile resistant combi-flange in DN 250-300 according to EN 545. The design of the non-tensile version does not require extra long bolts.

From mid October 2011, the entire range of AVK combi-flanges for ductile iron pipes DN 50-300 is delivered with flange and sealing packed as a complete unit - like the combi-flange range for PE and PVC pipes. It is also possible to order a complete package including bolts.

Feature summary for the AVK combi-flange range:
• For ductile iron, PE-, uPVC- and Bi-PVC-pipes, DN 50-300, tensile and non-tensile versions
• Flexible positioning and chamfering of the pipe
• ±3.5°angular deflection, also in tensile executions exceeding the EN standard (±1.5°)
• No movement of the pipe meaning that it won’t move inwards when tightening the bolts
• EPDM rubber sealing approved for drinking water and resistant to water treatment chemicals
• Weight optimised flange coated according to GSK specifications
• Flange and sealing delivered as a complete unit, with or without bolts

AVK Combi-flanges - a strong connection
AVK Combi-flanges; A Strong Connection!