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AVK приобретает контрольный пакет акций Cyl Knife Valves S.L.

AVK acquires majority stake in Cyl Knife Valves S.L.

With effect from 11 July 2012, the AVK Group has acquired a majority stake in Cyl Knife Valves S.L. (“Cyl”), a company with headquarters in San Sebastian, Spain.

The acquisition of Cyl includes the activities of Valvulas Cyl, which were transferred to the con-tinuing company, Cyl Knife Valves S.L., in June 2012. Both companies were founded in 1990 by the present owners, Pedro Lizarraga and María Lourdes Cibrián, who will continue as shareholders and directors of the company.

Cyl manufactures and sells a wide range of knife gate valves for water and waste water treatment plants as well as for various industrial applications. The company has 20 employees.

The purchase of Cyl will further strengthen the AVK Group’s portfolio of knife gate valves and ensure a continuation of the long-standing cooperation between the two companies, where for 18 years Cyl has been an important supplier of knife gate valves to the AVK Group.

The acquisition of Cyl follows last year’s acquisition of the Orbinox Group. Both companies will continue as separate entities in the AVK Group, but synergies are expected to be achieved over the years in their combined product range of knife gate valves.

We welcome Cyl in the Group and look forward to continuing the strong cooperation with the com-pany. We wish Cyl every success in the future as a member of the AVK Group.